YOLLAR Tokenomics

YOLLAR is the native utility token that fuels the NASAverse ecosystem and games, passively generated daily by staking your Notorious Alien Agents NFTs. YOLLAR is a standard ERC-20 token on Ethereum and is to be used as the in-game currency.

As a utility token, all players will use YOLLAR to gather resources and in-game assets that includes the ability to mint exclusive future NFTs in the NASAverse. As far as NASAverse and its team is concerned, the only purpose YOLLAR is to serve as the in-game currency.

No Preallocations

We truly believe in fair launches and since YOLLAR is our in-game utility token, we have no preallocations for the team or any investors. Every single YOLLAR will be earned by the NASA players as they play and evolve in the game. There are no YOLLAR vesting schedules or the ability to rug pull by the team.

There is a Max Supply

There will only ever be 11 billion YOLLARs, not a single more.

Staking and Earning

Each staked Agent NFT can earn 1000 $YOLLAR per day. There is a promotional period that this can be doubled to 2000 $YOLLAR if the Agent is staked pre-reveal date. More details on the staking page.


The NASA games are designed in a way that every important interaction requires YOLLAR. There will be exclusive NFTs such as the Fighter NFTs for the PvP battle games that can only be minted if user has YOLLAR to spend and a staked agent. Many of the future NASAverse abilities are also unlocked only by YOLLAR. We believe this helps the game have a healthy long-term growth and benefit players and the community that help build this project from the ground up.


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