Dumpster Diving

The Goal

The goal of this game is to gather ingredients which are necessary to craft your fighter NFTs and build up an army in the next phases of the game.

How to play:

Agents need to be fed and they need to build up their fighters army. To scavenge for resources, they decided to do the most obvious thing: Dumpster Dive!

Dumpster diving can be done at any time. All you need to do is to stake your Agent and get started. Each dive wins something and your chances vary but you could find all ingredients used in crafting fighters for the future battles.


You can also find the secret keys to the next levels of the game in the dumpster. The key is to find the factory KEY before others do so you can get started on building up your army before everyone else. If you get real lucky you might even win the jackpot of $YOLLARs (see below for more details).

Game Details:

  • Every dumpster dive costs 100 $YOLLAR to play.

  • You get a free dumpster dive every 8 hours as well. You will not be able to accumulate free dives. Use them or you'll lose them!

  • If you have 1000 $YOLLARs in your game balance, you can do 10 dives at a time using the fast-forward button.

  • What you get in the dumpster dive will be held for you in the inventory box until you use it in the later stages of the game.

Dumpster Dive Prizes and Rewards

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