It’s the middle of another boring day in Dulltown and the soldiers are killing time for lack of better things to kill.

Bill, who is spinning the blade of his combat knife in a circle, scoring in a hole in the plywood barricade, turns to Spiky, “What are we doing today Spiky?”

Spiky, who is cleaning his machine gun, doesn’t look up from the barrel of his gun. “Same think we do every day.”

Bill stops spinning the blade. “What is that, Spiky?”

Spiky lifts and racks the machine gun. “Taking over Uranus 420.”

Bill smiles, and throws the combat knife through a picture of a mutant carrot. “Oh, a grand adventure!”

What are Adventures?

NASA agents are unique NFTs each with their own traits and abilities. Your agents, with the help of their fighters, will be able to go on adventures and help with the war against Evil Alien Bosses. Each adventure will result in unique ingredients and in-game tokens that unlocks abilities and experiences in the future phases of the game.

There will be adventures that require two or more Agents and Fighters with specific traits. For example, having an agent with a Rainbow skin or Donut hand may help you complete your adventure.

Why go to Adventures?

As we live through the story of NASA and explore the NASAverse, unique items and experiences are unlocked and some can only be found through adventures. The adventures are designed to reward to most die-hard fans of NASA. Holding various traits and every possible combination can definitely help you complete more adventures and find the rarest items available on the planet Uranus 420!

Prizes & Rewards!

Each Adventure has a chance to find one or more items from four categories. Depending on the difficulty of the adventure, the probabilities of finding items are different. The four categories of items are:

  • Legendary

  • Rare

  • Special

  • Regular

How do I start?

In order to play adventures, your agents and cheeseburgers must be staked to qualify. Once staked, they can jump into different adventures. Each NFT can only be active in one adventure at a time. So pick your battles carefully as some adventures take longer to complete.

What Adventures are available?

There will be a set of initial adventures available at launch, but we will have periodic special adventures that will only become available for a limited time for those who can grab them the fastest. Keep your eyes open and your discord/twitter notifications ON!

A few examples of Adventures

This is not all that we are launching with. Check out the game page to see the latest.

Snack Attack:

Join Bill and Spiky and the rest of the team of rag tag fast food fighters as they search for food to devour and monsters to destroy. In Snack Attack, the vending machines are empty and the cook is out sick. Can our heroes, middle-aged adult men, manage to find food for themselves in this self-imposed desert of manufacturing?

  • Requirement: 1 Agent + 2 Cheeseburgers

  • Prizes

    • 5% chance to find a Legendary item.

    • 20% to find 2X Rare items.

    • 30% to find 2X Special items.

    • 45% chance to find 6X Regular items.

Novid22 Hygiene:

Follow Bill and Spiky and the rest of the meat and greet soldiers as they battle basic levels of social distancing, learning the ins and outs of the most terrible, impossibly small enemy they’ve ever faced: Basic hygiene! Control our hero’s efforts to quarantine while also trying to sneak out and party!

  • Requirement: 1 Agent that has a hand trait.

  • Prizes

    • 8% chance to find a Legendary item.

    • 12% to find a Rare item.

    • 40% to find 2X Special items.

    • 40% chance to find 4X Regular items.

Rare Skin:

A despicable Evil Veggie Boss is trying to collect Agents with rare skins as his trophy, let's hide them in a secret cave. What's this? Extra Loot???

  • Requirement: 1 agent with a rare skin such as: Rainbow, Disco ball, Gold, Transparent, or Gold Crocodile skin

  • Prizes

    • 15% chance to find 2X Legendary items.

    • 25% to find a 3X Rare items.

    • 50% to find a 5X Special items.

    • 10% chance to find 12X Regular items.

Tiger Time:

A notorious tiger wins it all, kicking fighter's ass in training, roared and dropped 3 fighters.

  • Requirement: 1 Tiger and 3 Cheeseburger fighters

  • Prizes

    • 15% chance to find 3X Legendary items.

    • 25% to find 5X Rare items.

    • 50% to find 8X Special items.

    • 10% chance to find 20X Regular items.

Swim with the Whales:

LFG swim with whales! Or was this a whale quest? WAGMI!!

  • Requirement: 8 Agents and 8 Cheeseburgers

  • Prizes

    • 50% chance to find 2X Legendary items.

    • 50% chance to find 4X Rare items.

Super Whales:

What's that? Super whale season? A platoon of Agents and Fighters gang up for this one to find the rarest items on the planet.

  • Requirement: 15 Agents and 20 Cheeseburgers

  • Prizes

    • 50% chance to find 3X Legendary items.

    • 50% chance to find 6X Rare items.

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