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NASA Game Roadmap


The year is 2200 and the Evil Alien Bosses have invaded Earth and turned it into a vegan planet after their leader choked on a fried chicken wing. The goal of the game is to defeat these bosses and restore earth to its glorious days with all kinds of awesome fast foods (Yum!).
So how do we do that? Your Agents need to start gathering resources to feed themselves and create fighters for the war that’s coming. Yes, fighters for PvP battles, and they are in the form of mutated fast food NFTs (picture an angry hamburger!). These fighters will then go into battles with other fighters to train them for the war with the Evil Alien Bosses. There will be on-chain and off-chain challenges to pass. You’ll need a lot of $YOLLAR to progress, so start staking you Agents from day 1 and don’t lose the launch day boost to earn 2X per day (ONLY AVAILABLE AT LAUNCH!).

Nasa Game

NASA game is a series of progressively complex interactive games that utilize the native utility token, YOLLAR (YOLO Dollar). YOLLAR is needed across the game and NASAverse and you can only earn YOLLAR by staking your Agents in the game's smart contract. In order to play the game, you need to have your Agents staked. To provide the best game experiences and lower Ethereum gas fees, some of the game experiences are off-chain. However, parts of the game will allow you to mint new NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. In the future, we may introduce new experiences built on an L2 chain for true on-chain gaming.
Welcome to the prequel of NASAverse! This is just the beginning…
Don't eat your vegetables. Wage war against them.

Roadmap 1.0

We are not including some exciting stuff to avoid front-runners from copying us.