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Spaceship Fight Club


  • Stake your spaceships to be able to play the Spaceship Fight Club.
  • Every week, team up with your fellow agents and go to battles against other teams to sharpen your skills.
  • Win the tournament and a huge jackpot every week.
  • Tigers on the winning team get a tiger tax of 10% from the jackpot!
  • Acquire rare items and even NFTs only for the champions.
  • Build your clan, gain experience points and build your reputation (comes with utility!).

Spaceship Fight Club (SFC)

Since Agent Spiky busted everyone out of Uranus420’s prison, the escapees have been living in a safe house, rooting through dumpsters and eating leftover fast food. They had gotten complacent: Battling against the monsters on Uranus420, Agent Ripley has noticed that her troopers are no longer as excited by the fight against the Veggie Goons. Nowadays, they sit around eating burgers and waiting to get killed.
Midway through a Calorie Buster in the cafeteria, watching hunks of masticated food dripping from the mouths of fellow soldiers, Ripley realized that her team was in no shape to take on the veggies. The other agents told stories about the horrific monsters of Uranus420: half-chewed soldiers left out like wadded bubblegum, limbs crippled by cauliflower razor teeth. None of them wanted to become a Veggie killing monsters themselves, but it seemed more and more likely that was their fate.
One night, without notice, she challenged Agent Badass to a dogfight out on the Space Field, a bombing run testing area over Groom Station, in their brand new Taco Ships. Training exercises were frowned upon usually: they brought out the Veggies and risked exposing the position. Badass, being who he is, agreed to the dog fight anyway. He grinned, the cigar bouncing on his shining teeth. “Course,” he said. “How else are we going to beat these veggie bastards?”
The SFC Fight Club was founded to train and prepare the soldiers to fight the Evil Alien Bosses and their despicable deciduous lackeys. Each week Agent Ripley invites other pilots to practice their skills in the cockpit for a winner-take all pool. And bragging rights, of course. Agent Bill, who’s already a narcoleptic, trains because he’s trying to keep the nightmares away. Agent Badass trains because he can’t get the visions of a giant mutant carrot massacring his family out of his head… and also to afford Cuban cigars at the commissary. Agent Ripley trains because the veggies must be defeated so that the world may return to normal. Agent Spiky fights to keep those spikes sharp and steady.
Why do you fight?