Staking & Game Balance

Stake to Earn

In order to mint all future NFTs or playing the game you MUST stake your Agents. Each staked Agent earns 1,000 $YOLLAR a day but there are limited offers that can bump it to 2000 $YOLLAR a day.

All future NFT drops are only available for those who have their agents staked.

If you have an unstaked agent it will not qualify for minting any future NFTs in the game. See many many more to learn about the future NFTs in the game.

How to Stake and get 200% Boost

There are two options available when staking your NASA agents.

  • Regular staking: allows you to unstake it at anytime.

    • 1000 YOLLAR daily passive earning.

  • 1 Year Lock staking: Stakes the NFT for 1 year.

    • 2000 YOLLAR daily passive earning

Cheeseburger Fighter Staking

You can also stake cheeseburgers and earn a 300 YOLLAR daily passive earning.

Game Balance

Your Game Balance is the net of all your activities and earnings. It is calculate with the following formula:

Daily YOLLAR earned via staking + All game winnings & spendings + Deposits - Withdrawals


You can always deposit $YOLLAR from your own wallet into the Game Balance to continue playing the game. This is to support movement of YOLLAR from your other wallets into the one you want to play the game with.


You can withdraw your entire Game Balance from the game to your wallet once you find the withdrawal key.

There are no taxes by the NASA team when you withdraw.

For security and gas savings for everyone, we've planned a batch withdrawal process and as a result there is a small blockchain transaction fee that is collected at the time of withdrawal request. This is not a fee that the NASA game is charging but rather the fees that are being charges by the underlying blockchain used in the game.

All withdrawals get queued and are executed once per day.

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