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This is not our first rodeo. The NASA team has experience working at some of the biggest companies that you know and love.

Agent Mulligan

James C Mulligan , serving as our Art Director, is world-renowned in the global art and NFT community. With collectors ranging from 888, Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Richard Sherman of Disney’s multi-Oscar winning Sherman Brothers Team, to Hugh Hefner (after serving as Art Director for Playboy) his Disney, Marvel and celebrity art is an asset to any savvy collector. A personal friend to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, he became passionate for NFTs after several Crypto conversations with the Woz while working on a fundraising project with him. Mr Mulligan is a long time early Crypto investor, and is passionately dedicated helping sculpt the future of the metaverse.
James and Steve Wozniak

Agent Spiky

Senior product manager at Coinbase and a Silicon Valley tech entrepreneur with 15 years of experience building companies and products that you've used and loved. Agent Spiky is the founder and head of product at NASA.

Agent Bill

Senior software engineer at Coinbase and Crypto investor since 2016. A true Defi, NFT Degen responsible for building the amazing community we have at NASA. Agent Bill is the founder and head of marketing at NASA.

Agent Badass

Staff software engineer at Coinbase and resident blockchain expert. He is responsible for creating robust and secure backend, frontend, and smart contracts for the NASAverse. Agent Badass is the founder and head of Engineering at NASA.

Agent Ripley

Designer at Coinbase and NASA world magician. She’s responsible for crafting beautiful experiences and a fun, interactive product in service to the NASAverse. Agent Ripley is the founder and head of Design at NASA.

Agent Kibbles

Animator at Nickelodeon and the artist behind some of most beautiful toons you've ever seen. A really chill dude and the artist behind these beautiful agents at NASA.



The MAYC whale and founder of RCS DAO. Asherah who owns the MEGA Zombie MAYC has been an important advisor in the journey of NASA helping with communicating the vision of NASA to all NFT enthusiasts.

NFT Finder

The NFT whale who has been an early investor in all the bluechip NFT projects you can think of.


The famous Gerry that the Ape community loves and adores with his amazing art and ability to bring people together.